Cocktail Bar Launceston

Fancy A Few Cocktails In Launceston?

Where better to visit than Mudbar? Our cocktail bar in Launceston is waiting for you to enjoy. We’re open from 11am ‘til late every day, so you can drink them all day long. Whether it’s sweet or sour, gin or vodka, we’ve got a cocktail for everyone.

Find Your Favourite Cocktails At Mudbar In Launceston

We’re the ideal destination for social cocktails in Launceston, to grab something to eat or to hold your party. Our mixologists work hard to create the perfect cocktails to go with our Asian cuisine. Our food and drinks set us apart from other cocktail bars in Launceston – we offer service with real passion, high-quality ingredients, and everything is made with care. We hire only the best staff to work the floor, the bar, and in the kitchen, so you know you’re in for a great experience with every visit.

It’s hard to pass up our cocktails, made with Tasmanian alcohols and all kinds of different mixers, from classic martinis to our own signatures and twists on classics. You can even let us know what flavours you like and let our talented staff create a new one just for you. And who knows, you might create something amazing to stay on the menu for the future.

You can also explore our wine list and see why our wine bar in Launceston is so well known.