Fine Dining Launceston

Do You want a Fine Dining Experience in Launceston?

Whether you are just visiting or a Launceston local we understand the desire to try something a little different. You can well and truly indulge with us by trying our Asian fusion restaurant’s selection of delectable delights. Each dish you taste will have been cooked by a team of passionate professionals who have ample experience in the industry. They know exactly how to balance the delicate with the fiery, the sweet with the salty and how to add just the right amount of tang. We will also adjust our herbs and spices to suit your particular palate.

We are so fortunate with our location too, so you can expect remarkable riverfront backdrops to accompany your meal. It is simply gorgeous for a midday lunch meet up or a sunset soiree dinner. Read More

We Are Dedicated to Launceston Fine Dining

One way we have integrated quality into our cookery is by working hard to farm our produce locally in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner. Not only does this allow us to do our part to protect our surroundings but also, it means that we have lusciously fresh food to serve. This means a great deal to us because we believe in the magic of the organic and love how it enhances the flavours of our dishes.

These kinds of resources allow us to flourish as a fine dining restaurant in Launceston. Bringing our customers the very best that our terrain has to offer and fusing it with colourful, lively Asian ingredients is what makes our work so enjoyable.

Secondly, our service is another factor of our finery. Our staff are highly trained and incredibly conscientious individuals. They will really take care of you, make recommendations, and ensure that you are satisfied and optimally comfortable during your visit to our restaurant in Launceston.

We also pay attention to intricate details so that you can feel special as you dine with us. Whether that means making sure you can eat by the river, shaking up a cocktail of your favourite liquors or cooking sizzling meats just how you like them. You are our priority so we will always do our utmost to see that you are fully contented and over the moon with your meal.

The Perfect Venue Awaits You at Our Fine Dining Restaurant here in Launceston Tasmania

We have just the table for you to suit all kinds of occasions, from big birthdays and important anniversaries to catch-ups with friends and weekend indulgences – and everything in between! We can cater to your needs and lay out an exquisite table for your group.

If you would like to know more or have a booking enquiry, then please feel free to get in touch with us. You can talk through any requests with our responsive team or leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to our amazing Launceston’s fine dining experience here at Mudbar. Read Less