Seafood Restaurant in Launceston

Are You on the Hunt for a Seafood Restaurant in Launceston?

There is a reason why fresh seafood is always a popular favourite. Not only is it light and packed with flavour, but it is also healthy and gives us that holiday vibe. So, if you find yourself desperate to get to a Launceston seafood restaurant you should absolutely come down to Mudbar to taste our splendid fish offerings.

We are an Asian restaurant in Launceston with Australian flair, and we serve food that celebrates both continents. Seafood is so versatile and excellent to cook with, so we are always so excited to mix different spices, textures and flavours. Read More

Sample Fresh Tasmanian Oysters and Some of the Best Seafood in Launceston

Our oyster bar is a jewel in the seafood crown. A real crowd pleaser and spectacular starter, you will have oysters like you never have before with us. Try with citrus, spice, vinegar or a crunch. You will see how Asian flavourings can transform the way you eat this amazing appetiser. We also have other fish dishes that incorporate sweet, salty and tangy essences that harmonise perfectly with the delicate flavours of the seafood.

What adds further to the appeal of the experience and makes us the best seafood restaurant in Launceston is our location. You simply cannot beat eating seafood dishes by the water! Our riverfront restaurant in Launceston offers a a superb alfresco seating area for enjoying our food and the relaxed ambience with the fresh river air will put you well and truly in the mood for our Launceston’s seafood selections.

Moreover, we usually eat out to take a break from cooking, try food that we don’t typically make at home and have a meal with family and friends. Seafood is such an embodiment of these desires. It can be quite tricky to prepare but our chefs are real experts; they serve and cook all our seafood to perfection. Then there is the fact that we have married together subtle and bold flavours to create something truly unusual and magical. Lastly, seafood like oysters is just wonderful shared with others as a joint experience!

No More Not Knowing Where to Eat Seafood in Launceston

At Mudbar, we are steadfast in our mission to deliver the very highest standards of cookery. It all starts with sourcing the freshest produce, locally grown ingredients where possible and then, treating the food with the utmost care and respect. We pay particular attention to our methods because we care about our environment and where our food comes from. This applies to all our seafood dishes as we want to provide you with the finest quality so that you will want to come back for more!

If you are unsure about what combinations to go for or ever want to know more about how we obtain our seafood, then please feel free to talk to our knowledgeable staff members. We are incredibly passionate about our food, and nothing brings us greater joy than sharing our enthusiasm with our wonderful customers.

To bag yourself some first-class seafood in Launceston, book a table with us for a lovely lunch or divine dinner and we will make sure that all your fish fancies are taken care of. We also accept walk-ins so please come and see us if you are in the area! Read Less